XED – Exceed Me

I sold almost all my EXCEED ME at 20 Cents, because most people got in at between 1 Cent and 5 Cent. All those who got in at 1 cent has already made a 20X so basically the odds are against me.

The technicals on HAPI – Hapi.one do not look so good either, so I am out on most there as well.

The downtrend has shown the dangers in crypto – rugpulls like Viking Swap and Merlin shows the dangers – Pancake Bunny remains my favorite pick for the future.

If you want to buy in at XED – Exceed me despite the risk you will find it on my favorite exchanges GATE IO and Hotbit. (Of the two I would recommend Hotbit, but Gate is much larger.)



There are possibilities in crypto, but do your own diligence and do not get wrecked!

Take calculated risks.

Not financial advice, but Pancake Bunny and Emax might have some juice – you find both on them on Hotbit, currently not on Gate.


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