MBX on walmart

This is insane news if it’s true. Remember the Litecoin news? They might actually be real, only it’s not Litecoin but, Mobie Networks and MBX and all their cryptos. Unless this is fake news we are looking at a potential juggernaut! Look closely: AMAZON, WALMART, IKEA, Target, FedEx and GAP! This should be on Bitboy Crypto and CryptoBanter – and maybe it will be, but by then Mobie will already have 5Xed.

Mobie will go Walmart!!! This is totally insane! Walmart has a marketcap of 378,12 billion dollar, while Mobie has a marketcap of 7 million dollar.

In fact you can buy the entire supply of MBX for 148 bitcoins according to Coin Paprika.


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