Mobie going litecoin

Sorry for the bad JPEG-quality guys… but this is important.

If Mobie Networks MBX reaches the marketcap of Litecoin we are talking a 287X.

Mobie will reach 3 dollars and do almost a 300X.

With the impressive list of partnerships this looks quite possible.

I am hoping for CryptoGains to make a video about it. CryptoGains are early on new memelike projects like ToastSwap, Babydot, Merlin, Goose Finance and gamecryptos like GALA, but Mobie MBX is a different kind of animal and something that should work long term. CryptoGains is still an amazing YouTube channel. I love it.

Was the news that Walmart was to accept Litecoin a leak?

Potentially the Mobie connection to is an even bigger thing. The networks effect between Walmart and Mobie, Amazon and Mobie, IKEA and Mobie, GAP and Mobie will be massive. So longterm a marketcap like Litecoin is not so far fetched.


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