Crypto Gempicks

A few gempicks on my radar.

Bridge Mutual BMI (766) and RAMP (440) – courtesy of Lark Davis.

I have a few on Hotbit and you might like your own account on Hotbit cause Hotbit has a very good sortiment of cryptos. Gate IO and Hotbit where you really can pick and choose from a wide variety of tokens.

Biswap / BSW (3629) is in a dangerous position – be careful. More likely to crash than to to parabolic.

SPI (732) – This shopping token is pretty much the other shopping token besides Mobie Networks. About 39M in marketcap.

NAKA (2811) – this is the Metaverseplay that is rumored to have Carl from the Moon onboard. Also it has been featured as a Kucoin gempick from CryptoBitcoinChris.


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