Evergrow vs Everrise

Evergrow vs Everrise

Evergrow is a popular hyper-deflationary token that gives out rewards in BUSD.

It is ranked 2865 on coinmarketcap and on 43.863 watchlists.

MBX would reach a price of 0.477 with the marketcap of Evergrow.

There is also a token called Everrise with rougly the same marketcap as MBX.

Everrise is ranked 2992 and on 45.038 watchlists.

But if my information is correct then Everrise seems to be a better bet than Evergrow.

Fully diluted marketcap of Everrise RISE: $82,363,302

Fully diluted marketcap of Evergrow EGC: $1,833,803,468

The difference is among others that Everrise gives back rewards in RISE while Evergrow gives out rewards in BUSD.

I would actually advise against both Evergrown and Everrise, I think that MBX is a much better project with more potential especially for those in Evergrow. If you really think of it the rewards in BUSD has no potential to actually improve in price. BUSD is pegged to the US Dollar.

If you take a look at the homepage of Jeco Capital they are not invested in neither Evergrow nor Everrise. Jeco Capital is currently invested in MBX Mobie Networks though.

So the choice is neither Everrise nor Evergrow – but MBX.


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