Today when Solana-coins are warming up people are looking at Solana projects as well as projects on Avalance and Fantom. It’s then time to shift focus to other eco-systems like Stellar Lumens. XLM The Juggernaut in the Stellar Lumens ecosystem might be MobieCoin MBX. I was on Bitmart, shopping some Saber, Fantom and XinFin Networks […]

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60X Crypto

AI is showing that Binamon might pull off a 60X. Token BMON is showing remarkable strength. Game tokens like DungeonSwap and Skill (Cryptoblades) are showing very much of strength right now. DungeonSwap DND could do a 30X Cryptoblades SKILL could do a 35X Rabbit Finance is looking like a 45X Pancake Bunny is looking like […]

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Babydot rising?

Why Babydot? The maincase for Babydot might be the extremely limited supply of only 101 coins. With that low supply Babydot could reach 1 million dollars per coin with a marketcap of ”only” 101 millions – a low sum in the crypto world considering price explosions in memecoins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Babycake. (Not […]

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Microcap Crypto

Hippo Token hade a nice 50% pump recently. Underdog Finance is up 20% down 20% – moving in a range. This crypto is so lowcap that a simple 100 dollar purchase will move the price. Babycake is moving up while Babydot is having a correction. Biswap has gone from 0.65 to over 1 dollar while […]

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New Crypto DEX

This crypto exchange has crazy high APR and is a go big and go home type of thing. Very risky. However, if you play it right you might get really good returns. If you are an experienced yield farmer you might prefer the lower risk yield farming on Pancake Swap. This is more like a […]

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Crypto Microcap 2021

Crypto Microcap Update – not financial advice The big money in this market for small players are in the smallcap. Artificial Intelligence has shown that Underdog Finance, Hippo Token and Rabbit Finance might be big winners. Possibly Pancake-Bunny and Emax both can 100X. AI is also bullish on Gala, Dexe, Hoge and Safemoon. Underdog Finance […]

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Underdog Finance

The technicals looks promising for Underdog Finance. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +1442386761.31%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $1442386861.31 in 2026. Besides Underdog Finance I am looking at coins like Moon Radar Finance, Hippo, Rabbit Finance, Biswap, BLX, Krown, KCS, Kudex and … Emax. Will Underdog […]

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Hedging Pancake Bunny

How to hedge your pancake-bunny. Are you invested in pancake-bunny? Great! You have taken some risk to gain 26X-33X rewards. However, there are ways you can hedge your bet on pancake bunny. It is through diversification. The two most obvious platforms where you can stake other tokens for rewards are Beefy Finance and Pancake Swap. […]

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Win loads of Bunny!

You can win loads of pancake bunnies just by staking! Buy your Pancake Bunny Tokens at your favorite DEX or at Hotbit / MXC Transfer the Pancake Bunny tokens to your Trustwallet Stake your Pancake Bunny tokens at Pancake Bunny for 7 days. (The staking interest is collected to the pot.) With some luck you […]

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