ShibShiba Inu challenging bluechips like BNB, Cardano, Solana and Polkadot. Shiba Inu is not far behind these assets and might flip these coins on a massive pump day. At the time of writing this Shiba Inu only need to double one more time to take over BNB. If Shiba Inu doubles up – it will […]

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Shiba INU on Mobies app?!

Shib goes MBX? People are working really hard to get SHIBA INU to Mobie APP. Nearly all my friends owns only three coins: Cardano, Doge and Shib so I do find it certain that any or all of these three coins would be very beneficial for the Mobie Movement. And Shib recently overtook Dogecoin on […]

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Mobie on Twitter

Mobie on Twitter Accounts you could consider giving a follow – check them out. I have some new accounts you should consider follow if you want to stay up to date with MBX and be sure you never miss anything of what is happening. I have not been able to analyse these accounts yet, because […]

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Mobie Evolution

The future of Mobiecoin illustrated by the evolution of Bitcoin. Michael Saylor (4th of February 1965) with Alma Mater Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has made outlandish predictions for Bitcoin. In ten years he thinks that a Bitcoin will be worth $14 million dollars, based on a total market cap of Bitcoin of 300T. This […]

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mbx to 2 dollars?

Fintech solutions There are two big credit card companies – Visa and Mastercard. There is one big crypto that people love to trade with – Bitcoin. The biggest Crypto Exchange is Binance. Concerning Fintech Paypal was the first company to create something new and they came out of basically nowhere. If Visa and Mastercard was […]

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Crypto AI

I have used several different AI:s to find crypto. However, I have realised that the Artificial Intelligence has to be combined with common sense. Otherwise you risk getting into very short time pumps, that then dumps because the token you invest in is a meme without long term benefits. One helpful site is – […]

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Mobie on Twitter

Top Twitter accounts for Mobie enthusiasts. There are several good Mobie accounts on Twitter and they are good for different reasons. The Mobie Youtuber CryptoSage is one account to follow for various updates about what is going on with Mobie Networks. This account is close to the pulse and heartbeat of Mobie. Mobie Moon Man […]

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From doge to MBX

Swapping Dogecoins to Mobiecoins might be a very smart move. Mobiecoin could do a 600X-700X if it reaches the marketcap of Doge. One way to play Dogecoins imminent breakout would be to buy in now, double or triple you money and then move the profits to MBX. Dogecoin might reach 5 dollar 2025, but so […]

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BMBX and MBX – What is the difference? The difference for end user is simply that BMBX can be traded on Binance Chain (Pancakeswap) while MBX is what you buy on Uniswap. MBX is generally what you find on the exchanges. BMBX is the Binance SmartChain compatible version of the MBX token. As you can […]

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Why i bought $mbx mobiecoin

To make somethings clear. I originally invested in Mobie Networks, because I saw that they had a deal with IKEA and I found in convenient to use my crypto in real life. I could need some new furniture whether or not my crypto goes up or down. Then a couple of months later I went […]

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