Rabbit Finance

The AI that predicted the rise of the Rabbit was right, but unfortuneately the token crashed when it reached 3 dollars. The downside from 3 dollars have been grotesque… However, there is of course an opportunity to buy the dip if you believe in the project long term. The AI has actually improved the chanches […]

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PancakeBunny – A 100X Crypto?

After a deep dive into the crypto universe I have found some microcap gems that might be able pull off a 100X. The top pick for some people on Twitter is Trias. Other people put their hope to Emax. Both are possible multibaggers, but Pancake Bunny is a third potential 100X crypto winner. Now, this […]

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XED – Exceed Me

I sold almost all my EXCEED ME at 20 Cents, because most people got in at between 1 Cent and 5 Cent. All those who got in at 1 cent has already made a 20X so basically the odds are against me. The technicals on HAPI – Hapi.one do not look so good either, so […]

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Hotbit Yields

Here is a list of some yield-farming alternatives on Hotbit. Many of these projects are certainly going down the crypto abyss. The risk is high. http://www.hotbit.io/register?ref=2337570 The ones I consider are: BSC Pad, DPR – Deeper Network, Pancake Bunny, XVS Venus, DEXE, EGG and XDEX. However, when it comes to technicals I am only sure […]

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The moonboys are yet another memecoin that might prove powerful in the long run. Today having a community like FEG and Safemooon might be just what is required to pump the project to the stars next bullrun – whether next bullrun will come 2025, 2026 or already later this year. If Crypto-Kirby is right we […]

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Safemoon Cash

Chances are you already missed the big pumps that took place in Safemoon and Dogecoin – and for your own sake then it is better to get in on the ground floor on a smaller project. A smaller project that could pump as hard as Dogecoin and Safemoon did in the good old days is… […]

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Insane mathematics

There was a point in time you could buy a Bitcoin for 1 dollar. However, I suppose most people would be happy if they got it for 100 dollar today. Sure, they missed a 100 X, but in the fullness of time it might not be a disappointment – the rewards of buying bitcoin at […]

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Crypto Moonshots

The crypto universe is really something. It certainly fills you with hopium seeing all those potential low microcap altcoins. Could you get rich buying Safemoon Cash, SafeMars or Flamingo? Will Losercoin make you a winner? Or would you be better off with Alpaca Finance and Joys Digital? Maybe you can make a fortune with Polkalab […]

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